Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blog updates

I have not been keeping up much on updating the blog, so be sure to subscribe to the blog or follow us on Twitter to make sure you know when we do update things (or you can follow by email). I plan to add more photos, and I'm still organizing our wedding photos (a year and a half later, I know). Email us if you have any questions.

Monday, December 17, 2012

New car

You may or may not have noticed the beat up, old pickup I've been driving (it was briefly seen on the show when I arrived at the wedding location). Well, we finally got rid of it and got a nice, used Honda Accord (1996 EX model). It's in pretty good shape for it's age and mileage, just needs some basic maintenance work done. The truck was falling apart and the heater didn't work, so it's nice to have a comfortable car where everything works and it drives smoothly.

I got the truck a few months before we started dating, so we have a lot of happy memories in that thing. We went on our first date with it and I accidentally hit a telephone pole when I was trying to back up into a driveway because we got lost, I picked her up at her parents' place and dropped her off so many times while we were dating and engaged, then I used it to move my stuff when we got the apartment, etc. All throughout our relationship the truck has been what got us around. It will be missed, but we're glad to get rid of it too. It reminds me though to be thankful. Even when all we had was an old truck that didn't work very well, at least we had transportation. Even though we just have a small apartment, we have a place to live. Even though we're not rich in money and nice things, we are rich in the Lord, our marriage is strong and it continues to be a blessing to us both. We have such a strong bond and connection, and we are each a treasure to the other.

Now we have a nice car to be together in, and that's what counts... being together.